About the Company

As a faith-based and a family-owned company founded on the key values of Christianity, our team believes that we put others before ourselves and strive daily to serve. We are thankful for YOU and giving us your time! We encourage you to stop by Pennyrile Power Equipment LLC. We believe you will be blown away with the innovative products and services we have to offer!

Christopher Schmidt and David Schmidt are two generation owners of Pennyrile Power Equipment LLC.

In 1977, David started in Rush County, Indiana by working in his father's service shop. As time went on, David became the owner of the business and moved to a larger building with easier access for customers. In the 1990’s, David expanded his offerings with Zero-Radius Mowers (which was unheard of at that time). This grew to be the primary way to mow as it continues to be today. David is the Service Manager at Pennyrile Power Equipment LLC. And with his 40 years of experience, he is a veteran.

In 2009, Christopher also starting in Rush County, Indiana in his father’s (David’s) sales and service shop. He originally began as a basic service technician growing to an advanced service technician, and then graduated to sales. Christopher’s passion is to meet new people, provide the best products on the market, and to help customers to understand their machine and customize to their preferences. He is a mower geek who studies the science of mowing technologies. Christopher is the Sales Manager at Pennyrile Power Equipment LLC.

We are proud to serve the people of Hopkinsville, KY; Crofton, KY; Madisonville, KY; Nortonville, KY; Cadiz, KY; Dawson Springs, KY; Princeton, KY; Clarksville, TN; Fort Campbell, TN; and Nashville, TN.

We are also proud to serve the counties of Christian County and Hopkins County, Kentucky.